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Incremental Text to Speech for Neural Sequence-to-Sequence Models using Reinforcement Learning

(Paper, Samples) Efforts towards incremental text to speech (TTS) systems have largely focused on traditional, non-neural architectures . As samples from neural TTS…

  • Devang S Ram Mohan
    Devang S Ram Mohan
14 min read
machine learningphonological features0-shotTTS

Phonological Features for 0-shot Multilingual Speech Synthesis

So far, code-switching is only available in multilingual models When working with video in multiple languages, something we often have to deal with is a phenomenon…

  • Marlene Staib
    Marlene Staib
9 min read
neural vocodersmachine learning

Subscale WaveRNN

You have read Efficient Neural Audio Synthesis aka the WaveRNN paper and would like to know more about how the subscale system works and how it can be implemented? This…

  • Lorenzo Foglianti
    Lorenzo Foglianti
12 min read

Ways to find answers

You start working on a task, you find a library that does everything you need. You start using the library, and then you get an error. You look at the documentation of…

  • Doniyor Ulmasov
    Doniyor Ulmasov
5 min read
machine learningflowstutorial

Tutorial on normalizing flows, part 2

In this blog post, I am going to teach you how you can make super-duper cool GIFs. Isn’t that really the point of life anyway? I will assume familiarity with part 1 and…

  • Raphael Lenain
    Raphael Lenain
7 min read