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Highlights of SSW and INTERSPEECH 2021

We were so blessed to be able to attend INTERSPEECH in person this year! (Seriously - Czechia changed their covid laws literally the week…

  • Papercup Machine Learning Team
    Papercup Machine Learning Team
17 min read

Ctrl-P: Temporal Control of Prosodic Variation for Speech Synthesis

Things have been a little quiet on the blog in the last year, but we’re back and excited to share that Papercup will be presenting two…

  • Tian Huey Teh
    Tian Huey Teh
12 min read

ADEPT: A dataset for evaluating prosody transfer

We published two papers at Interspeech this year (hooray 🎉). The first, Ctrl-P provides interpretable, temporally-precise, and disentangled…

  • Alexandra Torresquintero
    Alexandra Torresquintero
13 min read
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Highlights of INTERSPEECH 2020

First off, the organisers of INTERSPEECH 2020 have really outdone themselves with the first ever, fully remote INTERSPEECH this year. Of…

  • Papercup Machine Learning Team
    Papercup Machine Learning Team
12 min read